The Enlightened Series

Black Rose - Available now

The coup murdered Annabel’s parents. Now they’re coming for her.

Annabel’s family has faced years of setbacks in their genetic research, and in their advanced, scientific society, the people demand progress. Still, she never imagined the anger would lead to an attack that left her parents dead and her own life in danger. Now the vulnerable heir to her parents' seat of power, allies are few and everyone has their own agenda. Hunted and increasingly isolated, the only person keeping her alive is a young guard with an imperfect genetic profile.

The Seers - Available Now

Nora and Annabel are Seers.

But can they survive a in the Enlightened--where attacks are launched from hidden cities, soldiers can teleport, people can be tracked by their genetic profile, and a puff of air can be as lethal as a bullet? 

The Blooming

Available exclusively as part of the Of Beasts and Beauties Boxed Set

New guard Sophia will do what it takes to protect her country--except lose her father. When she volunteers to take his place in a dangerous assignment, her fiery commander, Niko, seems intent to prove she doesn't belong. Little does he know she has no intention of quitting. When their team is ambushed on a mission, Niko and Sophia must work together to save their team and expose the enemy that betrayed them. If not, they'll lose everything they never knew they wanted.